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I would like to train as a pilot ('P' Ratings)
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The Pilot Training Department has been a VATSIM Authorised Training Organisation since January 2012. Authorised Training Organisations are approved to teach and certify VATSIM members up to the rating of the ATO’s licence.

VATSIM United Kingdom is now licensed to teach and certify VATSIM members up to the VFR Pilot (P3) rating.

Pilot information and self-study

Available 'P' rating Pilot Courses in the United Kingdom

Additional 'P' ratings not yet available*
  • P4 - IFR Pilot
  • P5 - IFR Pilot (Advanced)
  • P6 - International and Oceanic Pilot
  • P7 - Helicopter VFR & IFR Pilot
  • P8 - Military Special Operations Pilot
  • P9 - Pilot Flight Instructor
* Ratings not yet available from the UK may be offered by other training providers. Please visit the VATSIM Pilot Training Department website for further details of other providers.

For further information and help, please raise a ticket for the Pilot Training Department.

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