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How do I request mentoring?
Last Updated 6 years ago

To request a session, please follow the steps below:

Add a Session Request
  1. Visit the RTS system;
  2. Using the 'Students' dropdown menu, choose 'Session Management' ;
  3. Choose the appropriate position from the 'Request Session' dropdown menu (if you have incorrect or no options displayed, you should contact the ATC Training Department);
  4. Set a reminder timescale (this will send a reminder e-mail to your regsitered e-mail address);
  5. Click 'Add';
  6. Your request should appear underneath in the 'Unaccepted Sessions' area. Requests will remain here until either they are picked up by a mentor, the user removes the request or if you have no availbilty in the system for a period of 21 days.
Add Availability

In order for your session requests to be picked up, you must indicate when you are available. To achieve this, please complete the following steps:
  1. Visit the RTS system;
  2. Using the 'Students' dropdown menu, choose 'Session Management' ;
  3. At the bottom left of the page is the 'Add new availability' section, using the calendar and time dropdown menus select a range of dates/times and click 'Add' - please note that all times are in zulu (GMT);
  4. Your availability will appear in the bottom right section of the page;
  5. Remember to keep this up-to-date by adding to and removing dates/times as appropriate. This will afford the mentoring team the best possible chance of picking up your sessions.
If you would like further help, please contact the ATC Training Department who will be able to assist you.

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